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With the Blackboard achievements tool, you can provide this kind of incentive by designing a badge system to encourage your students to explore and participate more.

You can award badges for the completion of a project, mastery of a skill, or levels of experience. A collection of badges can represent the key learning milestones that have been met. They can show a complete view of a person’s skills and achievements.

You can also award badges for skills and knowledge acquired outside of the classroom setting, such as:

  • Extra-curricular activities and after school programs
  • Volunteer programs and community service
  • Work-related projects
  • Military experience
  • Study abroad
  • Student government
  • Membership in a club, group, or other organization
  • Internships and mentoring
  • Job training
  • Soft skills, such as collaboration, leadership, and community-building

Basically, you can allow students to combine a diverse set of badges to tell the story of their accomplishments, in and out of class. Together, you can create badges to spotlight skills that will help students work toward a specific goal. Whether the goal is to gain admittance into graduate school or finding the perfect job, you can collaborate with your students to design the pathways.

When students are allowed a voice in the process that unlocks the access to what they want, you may see a spike in their motivation for additional learning. You want to facilitate your students' "what if" thinking stage. Allow them the flexibility to be innovative and determine what they value and recognize as important to their own educations.

Create & Manage Achievements

Achievements appear in the content area and in the achievements tool.

  1. Access the achievements tool from the Control Panel > Course Tools -OR- from a content area > Tools on the action bar.
  2. On the Create Achievement page, provide a name.
  3. Select a fleur party Beige Parfois Parfois clutch party Beige fleur Parfois party fleur clutch clutch Beige presentation location. Choose a place in your course where students are likely to earn the badge or certificate. Students are presented with the content item and a notification of the new item.
  4. Select the type of achievement.
    • Course Completion: The certificate reward is required. An additional badge is optional.
    • Milestone: The reward can only be a badge.
    • Custom: The reward can be a badge, certificate, or both.
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  5. Determine if students can see the existence of the achievement before earning it.
  6. Choose Yes, if the reward is meant to motivate all students.
  7. Choose No, if there are special rewards that will only be granted to specific students that should not be seen by everyone.
  8. Optionally, type a description. This description should clearly define what you expect students to complete to earn the associated reward. Optionally, use the functions in the content editor to format the text and add attachments.
  9. Click Define Triggers to continue.

An achievement is not be presented to students in the student view of the achievements tool until a trigger rule is defined and a reward is selected.

For an achievement, you can define one or more rules that will trigger the release of the reward. You must define at least one rule.

The achievements tool is built upon the content adaptive release technology of Blackboard Learn. This currently includes the following:

Setting a Display After date means that students cannot earn the reward before that date, even if they have already met the criteria. Display After is not the same as an end date and is not a deadline.

To create a rule, name it, and set each criterion necessary for fulfilling the requirements of the achievement. You can create additional criteria for grade and review status by clicking the add functions.

If students must complete four exams in your course and have a final grade of 70%, you will create the following:

  1. Attempt on exam A
  2. Attempt on exam B
  3. Attempt on exam C
  4. party clutch Parfois party fleur clutch party fleur Beige fleur Parfois clutch Beige Beige Parfois Attempt on exam D
  5. Grade for the running total column of at least 70%

In circumstances where different criteria are possible, click Add Another Rule to create another rule. For example, you have a group of learners who need accommodation and have different performance requirements to receive the reward.

To manually award an achievement, use the membership criteria options to select the recipients. For example, you can award a mayor badge for leading discussions.

Click Select Reward to continue.

On the final page, choose the reward. Depending on the achievement type, you can choose from different options.

  • Course Completion: The certificate reward is required. An additional badge is optional.
  • Milestone: The reward can only be a badge.
  • Custom: The reward can be a badge, certificate, or both.

You can preview how a certificate will appear to students. It includes the issuing institution as specified by the administrator, the user’s name, the course name, and the date the criteria of the achievement were met.

For badges, you can select an image from the catalog or upload a custom image. An uploaded badge image is available for reuse within your course. If you uploaded an image and need to remove it, you can delete the file from Course Files in the achievements directory. Uploaded images are automatically resized.

The issuer name is pre-populated based on the administrator’s settings. If appropriate, and allowed by the administrator, you can modify the issuer name. You can specify an expiry date for the badge and, if allowed by the administrator, the badge can optionally be available for publishing to recipients’ Mozilla Badge Backpacks.

Select Submit to issue the achievement.

  1. Access the achievement.
  2. Access an achievement's contextual menu and select Delete.

If you choose to delete an achievement which has already been earned by a student, the associated reward will also be deleted.

In the Achievements tool under Course Tools in the Control Panel, you can see all of the achievements defined in your course, as well as a count of recipients for each of the achievements.

Clicking the Recipients link shows details about those students who have earned each of the achievements. Clicking a student's name will present that student's view of the My Achievements page.

The Date Received lets instructors know when the students saw the notification of their earning of the achievement. Typically this is immediately upon earning, but in cases where instructor grading or manual awarding was involved, the date received is when a student was shown their achievement reward.

Students can access the achievements tool on the Student Tools page, from a tool link on the course menu, or from a link in a content area.

You can see a student's My Achievements view by clicking a student's name in the Recipients pane. The page will appear exactly as it will to that student.

To learn more about how students use this tool, see Blackboard's Achievements »2.

The content items that you create with the achievements tool can be aligned to goals. These appear in the Goal Coverage reports.

In the content area, access an achievement's contextual menu and select Add Alignments.

Achievements are not handled by these processes as a distinct object. They are dependent on both content and adaptive release rules. If only content is copied between courses, the trigger rules will be lost. If content is not included in a copy or export/import, achievements are not captured. As long as both content and adaptive release rules are selected in the process, achievements will be handled properly.

Source: Blackboard Help »3

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